Women marched, the world should pay attention.

On Saturday 21th January 2017 Women marched.

Women marched worldwide; in Washington DC, New York, LA, and London. 

Women marched in Liverpool, and Berlin.

Women marched in Budapest and Sydney, in Belfast and in Nairobi.

Women marched the world over. 

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This time, vote yellow

As a child growing up if someone was to mention politics it went completely over my head. That would be understandable had the topic of conversation been the budget or the deficit or the recession- all reasonably difficult concepts for a young child to understand. Instead it was division of orange and green.

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How do I get involved in Alliance and help them win elections?

One of the most common questions we are asked is, how can someone who supports Alliance take the next step and get involved. Especially since a fresh election is afoot, this list gives some ideas how you can get involved to deliver more Alliance elected representatives.

Alliance Party Alliance Youth Social Media

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Enough is enough. Northern Ireland is ready for change.

If the phrase ‘a week is a long time in politics’ is correct, this week alone has felt a lifetime of twists and turns.

It is looking more and more likely that a snap election will be called in the coming week, while this is far from the outcome which many of us wished for, this does provide Alliance with a key opportunity we must take advantage of.

Like many of you, I would guess, I joined Alliance because I believe we are the right party to lead Northern Ireland. We are the party which looks past the tribal orange and green politics that have dominated the country. We are the party fighting for equality, fighting for an end to division and fighting for a bright and inclusive future for Northern Ireland. 

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Cllr Kate Nicholl | Why I Joined Alliance

The serious lack of transparency from our Executive right now…

The nightmare of the EU referendum result… 
The stop-the-world-I-want-to-get-off American election… 

All these things terrify me.


I'm struck by how damaging the constant exploitation of fear has been; at the spinelessness and the complete lack of responsibility shown by those in power, and how it negatively affects our society. I know, and I’m sure that you know too, that combatting these problems separately, individually, is almost impossible. What we need is better politics, more cohesiveness; for that we need more people getting actively involved.

I joined the Alliance Party in December 2012 as an act of solidarity...

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Do You Want to Represent the UK in the Council of Europe?

 Represent the UK in Europe

If you are 16 - 30 years old and have a keen interest in ensuring the interest of young people are heard at the European level then this is the perfect opportunity for you! 

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Why I Joined the Alliance Party - Scott Moore

I come from a Protestant, British, unionist background, but background is the important word here - I never developed any sort of national identity. As such, I never really took any traditional position on the Border Question – as someone who rejected both religion and national identity, what relevance could the question possibly have for me?

In fact, even when I was young, I knew there could not be any possible justification for sectarianism, and the petty tribal squabbling of the country I saw while growing up. Even before I fully understood sectarianism and the Troubles and the nature of the deep divisions in my society, I knew there was nothing that could have justified the hatred, vitriol and division which pervaded this country.

The prospect of not only making a positive change, but the biggest possible positive change was something that appealed to me – and as far as I could see, politics was the way to do that. 

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Why I joined the Alliance Party - Jack Armstrong

I have always been passionate about politics, however it was not until last year that I seriously contemplated joining a political party. I reluctantly perceived Northern Irish politics negatively, primarily due to the fundamental unionist/nationalist division which most parties here rely upon in order to gain votes.

We saw this ‘Division by Design’ in action coming up to the 2016 Assembly election, when the DUP’s campaign amounted to not much more than ‘Vote Arlene Foster for First Minister or you’ll get Martin McGuinness, ignoring the consociational nature of our political system; Foster and McGuinness have equal powers and are joint leaders. This negative style of politics kept me away from becoming involved in local politics for a long time. 

However, this negativity was what actually gave me the drive to eventually get involved in politics, and specifically to join Alliance.

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Why we joined LYMEC

The past year has seen an outright attack on liberalism across the western world. It’s now time for liberal parties to stand, and fight, together. Today, Alliance Youth joined European Liberal Youth (LYMEC) to stand with our liberal friends in fighting for a united, tolerant and liberal Europe. Together with our international partners we will oppose the hateful rhetoric we heard during the EU Referendum campaign, and promote liberal progressive values both in Northern Ireland and further afield.  

On 23 June, the people of Northern Ireland made their voices heard. 55% of them want to remain a part of the European Union. They want to be part of a stronger union where people, goods and services are free to live, work and move from Belfast to Brussels to Berlin. Unfortunately neither the First Minister or the Prime Minister are willing to accept that. 

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An Open Letter on Mental Health

An Open Letter to the Minister of Health

A Chara,

As I’m sure you’re aware October 10 marks World Mental Health day. While I and many other people suffering from mental health problems welcome the various commitments to improve our health service, what we really need is action, investment; a coherent plan to put mental and physical health on equal footing. Lip service by political parties during an election cycle simply isn’t enough anymore.

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