Development Officer ExPos Training

How to welcome new members into the Party

Aim: To ensure young members are welcomed into the party in a timely manner. 


When a new member joins you'll recieve an email from HQ with their details. Be sure to send them an email based on this template welcoming to both the Party and the Group. Once you have contacted the new member, advice the Secretary. 

How to act as a Point Person for young members

Aim: To assist members in any problems they might have 


When a new member joins, you'll be assigned as their 'point person'. Members are made aware that any problems that they might have should be directed your way. Most enquiry's are pretty basic. If there's somehting your not sure of, contact an Exec colleague.

How to act as Admin of the Members Forum

Aim: To oversee the AY Members Facebook Group


The AY Members Forum is designed for AY members to communicate with each other in a closed group. You should ensure that members of the Forum are also members of the Party.

How to update our list of Party Council Delegates

Aim: To ensure AY has maximum representation at Party Council


Waiting to be updated

How to communicate with our International Partners

Aim: Ensure good relations between AY, other political parties and our international partners. 


From time to time, you may receive communication from other political parties or our international partners.

When this happens you should:

  • Make other Exec members aware

  • Replay were possible, or forward the message to the Exec member best suited to reply.