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Education in Northern Ireland continues to be provided on a predominately segregated basis. By contrast, in most other parts of Europe, and further afield, a single, integrated education system is the norm. The demand for integrated places far exceeds those available.

There are at present 62 grant-aided integrated schools scattered across Northern Ireland (with a total enrolment of 21,956 pupils, or 7 percent of total pupils in 2014/15), made up of 38 grant-maintained integrated schools and 24 controlled integrated schools.1

Alliance believes that every child should have the choice and option of attending an integrated school.



🎓 A Comprehensive Curriculum 🎓

Alliance is committed to ensuring that pupil centred learning and quality advice and guidance are fundamental aspects of our education provision. We all learn differently and our education system must reflect individuals learning needs and preferences.

In order to refresh the curriculum, we will:

  • Undertake a full and comprehensive review of the curriculum to ensure that a wide- range of academic and vocational options is available.

  • Provide a wide range of computer programming training in schools.

  • Promote entrepreneurialism and business skills in schools.

  • Introduce sex and relationship education (SRE) in schools.

  • Teach first aid in schools.

  • Provide financial education in schools.

✅ Supporting Pupils to Achieve ✅
One of the biggest challenges in the education system is making sure that the benefits of a quality education are available to everyone. We are deeply concerned about the underperformance of pupils from poorer backgrounds and pupils with disabilities.

Our interventions would include:

  • Investing in programmes to tackle poor levels of literacy and numeracy, starting with those schools with the highest need.

  • Ensuring that pupils with Special Educational Needs can access a clear and legally- binding process for specified provisions for the pupil.

  • Improve the accessibility of schools for pupils who have lower mobility.

  • Reviewing the support available for lower-income pupils who may have affording school uniforms or other equipment. 

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