Women marched, the world should pay attention.

On Saturday 21th January 2017 Women marched.

Women marched worldwide; in Washington DC, New York, LA, and London. 

Women marched in Liverpool, and Berlin.

Women marched in Budapest and Sydney, in Belfast and in Nairobi.

Women marched the world over. 

Women's March Belfast

(Picture courtesy of Brendan Harkin)

This display of unity transformed streets the world over, to make a stand against the vulgar statements and blasé comments made by the United States President, Donald Trump.

In his first days of presidency, it has been shown that the people of the world will not tolerate backwards and oppressive language and actions during his presidency. Scrolling through Twitter and Instagram and seeing the crowds at the Women’s Marches worldwide gave me so much hope, it filled me with warmth and passion.

From women in their nineties, to a baby girl only a few months old, to husbands, brothers, to fathers and friends - we saw a world united. We saw diversity as a unifying component in an act of solidarity.  People marched to highlight that men in power have no right to talk in such a derogative way. While in the past, women have not always be so forthright in standing-up for themselves, this is not the 1400s, this is not the 1800s, and this is not the 1900s anymore either – this is now - this is the 21st century, this is the era of equality, not to be asked for, but to have, deprive us of that and we will not stand quietly.

Women are strong, women are brave, women are intelligent, women are your equal.   

Yesterday made me proud to call myself a Feminist.

However, I haven’t always called myself that. I have always agreed with the definition and the fundamental principles of feminism but I was scared to align myself with the movement.

This was mainly as a response to the assumptions that follow when you announce that you are a feminist particularly on reproductive rights. I am not full pro-choice, but I am also not pro-life either. I sit in the grey between the two stances, the grey area which is often forgotten about. But, if I was to learn anything from yesterday it is that feminism does not have a rigid definition. The feminist movement is a collection of people with different views, all fighting for gender equality and empowerment. No two feminists are going to hold the same views on all topics which are considered ‘women’s issues’, and that is amazing. That is what makes the movement an inspiration; it’s the diversity of people and opinion that refuse to let the status quo and oppression of women be trumped by our differing opinion. And while I may not be full pro-choice, I am still a feminist. 

It is with this idea of inclusivity and equality that I declare that 2017 is the year of Women. Nasty, Brave, Intelligent, Independent, Beautiful Women.


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