Health and Social Care

💆 Mental Health /


We believe that Mental Health should be placed at the core of our health system.

To achieve this, Alliance will:

  • Appoint a Champion for Mental Health.

  • Place psychological therapies at the core of the mental health services agenda

  • Fully implement the Personality Disorder Strategy.

  • Facilitate the rebalancing of health spending to support mental health investments. This includes investment in particular into Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services and Psychological Therapies.

  • Work to eliminate stigma and ensure dignity and respect of people with mental illness. Support the implementation and ongoing review of the Executive’s Protect Life Strategy to combat suicide. This involves a cross-departmental response and improved follow- up support for people who attempt suicide, or who have suicidal ideation, through co- ordinated crisis care and enhanced additional care.

📓 Learning Disabilities and Difficulties 📓


  • Work to eliminate stigma and ensure dignity and respect for people with a learning


  • Fund the treatment of physical health needs of people with a learning disability.

  • Support ongoing delivery of employability-related programmes through the use of the European Social Fund.

  • Acknowledge the need to provide support for adults with autism, who are sometimes left without specific support. 

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